Sushi-Samurai / Workshops in English

Welcome to Sushifriends!

On this page You will find basic information on my sushi workshops. One of those days i will prepare an english version of this website… until then, please feel free to contact me for whatever questions or suggestions you have. At the bottom of this page you find a contact form. Thank you!

I offer several different Sushi Workshops, all of which can be booked as private events. Please enquire!

For Children with Mom or Dad, aproximately 2 hrs long. Age 6 and up, for children that can safely handle a knife.

Sushi-Samurai. This one is for everybody who wants to learn all it takes to make your own Sushi at home. You will learn and practice the different rolls and nigiri. Cooking the sushi rice, cutting and preparing fish and vegetables, the plating of the sushi. I will give tips and correct you. Inbetween there will be some theory, shopping tips and of course some sampling of your own sushi! The goal is set: You can do it on your own!

The next public workshop Sushi Samurai will take place on march 31st 2019, from 10:00 until 13:00 in Dübendorf at the Arts Centre Obere Mühle. Please register in the form below

InsideOut Rolls Special Workshop. This one is for all lovers of the probably most popular Sushiroll. The Uramaki, better known as InsideOut Roll. It’s unbeaten versatility makes it a favorite with all ages. Fillings, toppings, sauces. 3 parts that offer endless and delectable variations. We will make 3 to 5 different rolls.

Sushi@Home: The concept is as simple as entertaining. You invite some friends for an evening with sushi. At the arranged time i will come to your place and give a sushi workshop to the group. I will bring with me everything we need, prepared sushirice, fish and veggies. There will also knives for everybody, cutting boards, aprons, etc. All set to go for it. At the end of this little workshop you will have plates full of delicious sushi, fresh and homemade. This is the moment i pack up my stuff and leave you to enjoy the evening.

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